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Saturday, May 28, 2005

No posts in forever. Had a rough year.
You would think my life was a soap opera if I typed it all out.
Still slingin' ink tho.
Got a GREAT job where I am at now. Best shop in town. If you want to find me.....well, you probably won't. I am working under an assumed name in a place you have never heard of. I love all of you, all the customers I tattooed, and all the ones I talked out of getting a bad one. Please keep visiting the website. I check it everyday to see where everyone is coming from.

Remember, this is my best advice to anyone seeking a tattoo.....don't go in and ask for prices or settle for what is on the wall. The artist you are looking for is the artist that will take the time to listen to what you want and draw a custom piece just for you. But the homework is your responsibility. If you like this "Butterfly body" and that "Butterfly's wings" , and the background from who know's where, it is your responsibility to take all of that, ON PAPER, with you, to the artist that you are wanting a tattoo from. A good legitimate artist will put all of the elements of your tattoo together for you.
Look at the artist's portfolio. If you find someone doing the kind of work that you are looking for, then...only then....ask for prices and length of time involved. Otherwise you are wasting their time and yours. If you ask for prices without seeing their work, or the work coming out of the shop...I guarantee that unless their prices are listed on the wall beside the piece that you want, they will charge you more because you will have shown yourself to be uneducated in how tattooing works.
If you are looking for a tattooist who will do an excellent black and grey piece....LOOK AT THEIR PORTFOLIO FIRST. If you are looking for one to do a great color piece.....LOOK AT THEIR PORTFOLIO FIRST.
You want an artist who LOVES to do what you are looking for. An artist who loves black and grey pieces will not do a crap job when doing color...but they will do a better job at black and grey. An artist who loves color will not do a crap job when doing black and grey, but will do a better job doing color pieces. LOOK AT THEIR PORTFOLIO TO SEE IF THEY CAN EVEN DO THE KIND OF WORK YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, if you don't see anything you like, KEEP LOOKING. DON'T SETTLE for second best or your second choice.
REMEMBER...A TATTOO IS AS MUCH OF A COMMITMENT AS A MARRIAGE. It's easy to divorce your spouse, but it's not so easy to divorce your tattoo.
I pray everyone who is looking for a tattoo finds their perfect artist. Even if it is not me. Many artists are better tattooist than I.
Search for yours.

Many of you have already found me again. Bless you. Thank you.
Until my next post.....

all my love and good luck

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