Daily tattoo picture weblog of the stuff I do at work. (All pictures are taken with my camera phone) Currently working at ...somewhere else... Any comments? sunshinesheaven@hotmail.com

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

My new phone should be here today!! I have a nokia 3650 on order. I had a sony erricsson T300, which was the biggest piece of *&$% . So the new phone should be better, it also has a video/sound recorder and a speaker phone, as well as cruise the wireless net (which is still somewhat of a joke, but I can see where it is going and wow! it's star trek technology in my hand already!)
AHA! and joy! I figured out my website address by myself.
It is http://www.sunshinesheaven.blogspot.com


Monday, September 15, 2003

here i am again. made it back. still no luck figuring out how to upload photos. i have asked my 14 yr old to look at it and see but he hasn't had a chance yet.
daughter home sick today. poor thing.
work tomorrow. saturday sucked. all last week sucked at work. i hope THAT trend doesnt continue. i can't wait to start uploading photos of everybodies tats on to here.
whole house full of germans this weekend. lots of fun!! lots of beer!!!

Friday, September 12, 2003

ok, well.
first entry into first ever blog.
so, what do i have to say? i have to say i can't figure out how to upload photos......i am a computer idiot. i am thinking that this is a pay feature for blogspot. i will have to get that taken care of, and then i will upload photos of my tat work everyday from my photo phone and all of my customers will be able to see their tats on the web!
also i can type in all of the crazy opinions i have about the world and wierd stuff. cool. wait for this....i think really strange stuff....
so there it is. first entry over. more later i hope.

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